inspiration: even the smallest things count

some times the tinniest bit of inspiration is all you need…. literally. 

Feeling all out of sorts this morning design-wise & totally lacking any inspiration or direction at work, I started flicking through my images folder, which has been built up from all sorts of tidbits, one of it main purposes (other than just being a folder of absolute goodness) is for times like this, when I'm feeling creatively stuck. While scrolling down I came across a photo I had taken at Customs House-Sydney, of an image in an exhibition of microscopy largely based on medical science, but also including a selection of gorgeous shots- which to me just scream print!

My photo (of a photo) from the exhibition at Customs House

this was the kick start I needed- the below images are ones I have since found and you can instantly see their application as knits

Cells from a lime tree- get the image here

 Stem of a young Taiwanese Red Pine

 an image from Exploring the microscopic world by Eckhard Völcker- more here at Patternbank

and then i came across these: microscopic images of alcohol by bevshots



 Dirty Martini

and for your non-alcoholic needs: orange juice


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