trend report: it's all in the alchemy

Growing up, I was subjected to all sorts of rules: don't mix prints, pink & red do not go together, neither do navy & black AND you certainly NEVER wear both silver & gold. Now, never one to follow the rules I mixed & matched to my hearts content, not taking any of this on board- but some how 'do not mix silver & gold' stuck with me…. perhaps because I was told one was either 'silver' or 'gold', and I was silver….. while I actually think they can look divine together, it is still something I find has been conditioned in me and have to make a conscious effort to at times to work against my conditioning. 

….but these make it oh so easy to do metal mixing justice…

Gemrock Rings by MELM Design- get it here

Gold Torch Bangle by Tiberio Gonzalez- get it here 
Mounted Jewels by Tanja Emmert

Concrete Diamond Pendant with Gold Tip by b*ton- get it here

 Minimalist Gold & Silver Necklace by Burnish- get it here
AW13/14 by Lily Kamper

Gold and Mirrored Silver Raw Quartz Crystal Stones by the big city bumpkin- get it here

and an old favourite from LowLuv by Erin Wasson-get it here


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