Creating a 'French Wardrobe' : part one

-building from the bottom-

So culling down to your 'basics' is the first step.

I began by pulling absolutely everything out of my wardrobe & draws and putting it on the floor

the bed was then used to help sort out items:
  •  throw away pile
  •  donate pile 
  • ebay pile

 at this point I also band poor Chris from entering or interrupting.

  • Ideally you will have all non-seasonal clothing washed/dry-cleaned and stored (if not then this is the perfect opportunity to sort out those items for storage and try & get rid of anything that has holes in it or stains, or simply just doesn't fit)
  • I have also put away any clothing that I currently don't fit, but don't want to throw out.               
      • (you need to be realisitc here- they do need to be items you will fit a gain in the NEAR future... so you may need to let go of that dress you fitted when you were 18..)
Now we start building back up from an empty wardrobe to establish the basis of your wardrobe. this will give you the core of your wardrobe and is known as your 'basics' consisting of your staple denim pieces, your plain black/grey/white t-shirts, shirts, leather jacket, LBD, classic pieces and so on...


So my basics are as follows:

a loose fitting crepe de chine singlet in white by Love & Anarchy
2x sleeveless silk shirts by State of Anarchy (1x black 1x white)
a loose fitting black tee by Otto Mode
2x standard fit tees by Static (1x black 1x grey)
2x loose fitting knit singlets (1x black 1x white)
2x fitted knit singlets by Target (1x black 1x white)
a slogan singlet in white/black print by Otto Mode
a slogan tee in white/black print by ASOS
a striped navy & cream silk top by Zara Basics
a chiffon blouse in navy - vintage
a chambray shirt by Urban Outfitters

2x basic tunics by Otto Mode (1x Navy 1x White)
a LBD by State of Anarchy
a simple maxi dress in white by Otto Mode
a shift dress (black/colour blocked) by Cybele
a navy jumpsuit by Sunny Girl

a pair of Sass & Bide denim cut-offs
2x jeans (1x stonewashed by Cheap Monday & 1x dark by Wrangler)
a pair of black trousers by Finders Keepers
a pair of grey dress pants by ASOS
a pair of (faux) leather pants by Love & Anarchy

a denim vest by Mink Pink
a plain white vest
a chunky wool knit in cream by Vila
a black dinner jacket
a navy blazer by ASOS
a (faux) leather jacket by Love & Anarchy
2x wool coats (1x navy, 1x deep red w. hood)


although I do have to admit a couple of extras I've kept, even though they don't get a lot of use:

a silk blouse by Yohji Yamaymoto
a silk tunic by Amy Keane
a silk dress by Diane Von Furstenburg
a pair of thigh high boots by Top Shop

another issue I have to report (you know full disclosure & all that) is that I have struggled to cull out my blazer/jacket collection & my shorts- as this is my first go at this, and they are all items (every single one) that get a lot of wear, I'm going to keep them at this stage and ditch them if they stopped being used.

Also have only managed to rid myself of any shoes that are no longer in any state to wear!

next time I will have my 'wish list' of the 5 items I wish to purchase for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season....


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