Creating a 'French Wardrobe' : the rules

 'I have nothing to wear' she says as she gazes into a wardrobe overflowing with clothes!!

 I'm going to try the 'French Wardrobe' concept (also known as a capsule wardrobe)

to loosely summarise: you have your basic wardrobe & on top of that you can purchase 5-6 on trend items for the season.

Now you can find a lot of information out there on how to do this (just Google it & you will see!) but most of it comes from those with larger budgets than mine (much much larger in some cases) or professional stylists who receive many clothes for free from gorgeous brands, which of course makes it easier to keep things feeling 'fresh'.

So if you think only 5 item a season sounds hard- you are not alone! 

however, before you jump ship:

-the rules-
  • your basics don't count 
  • your shoes (unfortunately) do count
  • Socks & underwear do not count
  • Accessories do not count (although I have a few additional rules with this one which I will go into later)

in part 1 I will go more in depth with basics, and let you know how I am going


  1. I obviously should have read this first, I was just thinking about basics but trend items are lovely too:) It's a brilliant idea, and seeing as I don't want to break the bank but still have quality clothes it's such a good concept. I look forward to seeing what you find and I'll put together my list too x

    1. haha yeah its definitely hard work letting some things go though :/. Let me know how you go!