my never-ending conundrum

blonde or brunette?

long or short?

so inevitably, when my hair is blonde, I'm yearning for dark locks & when its dark, I want my blonde back!

I'm also forever yo-yo-ing over its length... grow it long? (& put up with a seemingly never-ending 'in between' stage) or cut it short and have to keep regular appointments to keep it looking grade A.

in an ideal world I'd love something along the lines of the below:

however it is currently growing long (with ever extending roots) partially due to lack of budget and also a whole lot of indecision:

As you can see, up it looks as if it could be intentional....but down its just bad re-growth!

 So the current plan is to get balayage or an ombre affect so that I still don't need regular visits to the salon, but it is more presentable when worn out!

but do I go predominantly brunette, on the lighter side or keep it as is with higher contrast??? 

failing that of course- I can just go dark brown, theres up-keep as Im naturally dark blonde these days but I can manage it at home (so long as I darken my eyebrows to match!).

 here are some past do's

as a blonde in variations on my Parisian Bob:

as a brunette, both long & short:

funnily enough, I have spent a large part of my life as a blonde with long hair.... though I dont seem to have any photos.

Do you have the same problem? I know a good friend of mine Ingrid (you can find her over at also lives in a see-sawing world of Blonde v. Brunette!

But let me know your thoughts- any help in making a decision is massively appreciated! Although, if you're reading this Dad- I know your thoughts already, and that should I go dark I run the risk of forfeiting any inheritance I may be entitled to! 
(I'm pretty sure you've got a clause in there somewhere regards to your first born being blonde!)


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