off we go-a-wanderlusting....

Luckily enough to manage a week off, Chris & I headed to Phuket for some R&R,

the problem with traveling is... you just don't want to stop, and a week certainly wasn't long enough- we barely started to wind down. However beggars can't be choosers and a week was certainly better than nothing at all! 

We hired a scooter for the week and shared our time between beaches, Islands & local sights.
A big hands up to Chris who was designated driver! we managed to survive the week with out a scratch to either ourselves or the bike!! Quite a feat given the number of accidents & injuries we saw around the joint.

Found ourselves a great little gem of a restaurant (which was really just the front of their house) and so grabbed lunch there when we could even when we went all out I think the bill came to a grand total of $10! ....and that's including a few beers each

here are some snaps from our time away... from Wat Chalong to the beaches, Phi Phi Islands and around the resort..


  1. AMAZING photos! Makes me wish I had a lot more time in Phuket - where are the last 4 photos taken? That pool and restaurant view is incredible!

    Also super amazing that you had no scooter issues. We met a few Euro travellers in Koh Phangan that rented scooters and drove them (very stupidly) to and from the Half Moon party, and one was seriously injured. Looks like you had an amazing week!!

    1. haha yeah the last day we had our scooter we saw a couple who had crashed- the guy had almost every bit of bare skin covered in bandages! We were like- sheesh lets take this thing back before any thing goes wrong!

      the last 4 photos are from the resort we stayed at, Secret Cliff Resort- its up on the cliff on the road between Patong & Karon Beaches. Every morning started with breakfast looking out over the ocean! xx

    2. So incredible. Next time I go back I'll have to stay a night or two there - so beautiful!