the weight on my shoulder

during the week I tend  to tote around my gym bag as I try & fit in a class or workout either befire or after work.

this last week  have been quite sick- I think I must've picked up a bug on the flight home,
either way there were a few days there where I wasn't going to be gym-ing 
either before or after work!

So rather than carry around all my gym gear for no reason, I shifted to a smaller bag. 
Now it's been a while since I used any bag other than my gym bag as a 
daily carry all- and so first day was a fail! basically thought I could get by with my wallet, keys, sunnies & phone...

Sounds like I had all bases covered right?

hmmm unfortunately, like many women my bag tends to full of things- 
some of which may seem a bit pointless, or at least rarely required. However I am a bit of a MacGyver......  and I swear everything is useful!! (at some point) so

my key chain alone takes up a bit of space!

 1. cute lamb key ring- or at least its head
2. My gym card
3. access code generators
4. oh wow a (house) key! 
5. a shiny black 'S'
6. cute owl key ring
7. keys to a lock- but not sure which one -_-
8. 16gb USB stick
9. bottle opener (I put this down to years of hospitality experience)

my make-up staples:

1. Mini JPG Classic perfume
2. Fav go to lippy - YSL Rouge Pur Couture #19
3. Garnier Pure active 2-1 tinted spot treatment & concealer
4. Paula's Choice shine stopper - as some one with oily skin this is a god send! instant matte finish that lasts all day & can be used either before or after make-up application!
5. Rimmel London Exaggerate liquid liner
6. MAC Zoom Lash in Lofty Brown
7. MAC eye brow pencil in Spiked & angled brush for brows
8. tweezers

I dont wear a lot of make-up on a daily basis, so always like to have the bare essentials on hand should something crop up

all in all my bag contents looks a bit like this:

as you can see I also have;
my Oroton Sunnies
A lock for the gym
numerous saftey pins
neddle & thread
quick mend double sided fusing for any hem issues
a tape measure (this, along with the few a fore mentioned items are the result of working in the fashion industry!)
Scholl Party feet heel shields
butter menthol lozenges these are a temporary thing while I'm stuck with my horrid cough
Cedel dry shampoo
and of course my wallet & phone...

oh and usually my gym gear of course!

As you can see once my lunch box is added in as well its a fair amount to haul around- so any opportunity to carry a lighter load is taken, although I invariably forget to grab something I find I need later in the day!

What essential items can you not live without?


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