how eggciting!

this Easter I didn't get a chance to decorate any eggs, what between 'work & 'life' I was just too busy,
so instead had to satisfy my egg decorating love vicariously through other artsy (and some incredibly steady handed) people via the internet

images like this just get me so excited and all ants-in-the-pants-y (which then usually involves me making  a mess while I satisfy my DIY needs, albeit this Easter we have guests, and our little apartment just isn't big enough for all of us & my creative mess, so I have to content myself with sharing these images which so inspired me....

obviously not all are hand drawn, utilising temporary tattoo paper and the likes, but I love the crayons idea, it is not one I've used before, and the last couple of images penned simply in black felt prove that even the simplest of techniques are still extremely effective!
if you are wanting some directions, I found a few of these images (along with others)


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