bright lights : magic city

the best thing about the impending winter.....

VIVID Sydney

for those of you who dont know, Vivid is a light spectacle which lights up Sydney Harbour for two weeks each year, a last dose of beauty before the cold hits.

with bright lights, pretty patterns & fireworks more often than not orchestrated to music- what more could you want?

it continues to grow and inspire each year and the city is mesmerized for a time

most of the imagery is is in motion &/or interactive, so stills don't quite give it the justice it deserves,
but here are some shots I managed this year- mainly of the Opera House, MCA & Customs house, because honestly they're always my favourites and I could sit in fornt of any of them for hours on end watching all the pretty colours & patterns! but also a few of the view along the way & other installations we came across......

 King St Wharf:
 En Route from Walsh Bay to Pier One:
 A new cover for the Opera House:

which then partially disintegrated to expose the inside:
& then filled with water...
Blue prints:
evolving into a galaxy to light the night sky...
& Galileo-esque rendition of the Planets:
a floral display (there was also a stunning Monarch Butterfly display I never quite managed to catch with my camera!)
 the MCA, of which provided image after image of glorious pattern & colour here are a few:
a mirrored perspex installation near the station:
the National Maratime Museam with an appropriately oceanic themed motion video
Customs House- with an interactive light & music show which responds to the person dancing within a set area.


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