a new obsession...

so at the end of last year I cam across some gorgeous images of Shibori which got me all inspired (check out the post here)

and last Saturday the stars finally aligned- I took part in a day workshop at held at the North Sydney Community Center by the lovely Pepa & Karen from Shibori (check them out here)

I thought I'd do the workshop to see how I liked it before diving headlong into anything,
but have to admit- I'm completely hooked! So I will definitely continue on with it all, but check out what I managed in a few hours to start with. I have listed technique & basic notes for those interested, but feel free to ask further questions if you want more info.


Kumo : Pleated across grain and wrapped with synthetic twine

Kanoko with  rubber bands

Kumo: pleated irregularly and then fixed with pegs

Kumo: Pleated evenly and then used pegs & synthetic twine

 Itajime, Kanoko & Kumo : using perspex Circles, synthetic twine & pegs

 Itajime & Kanoko : using perspex Squares & rubber bands

 Arashi with rubber bands

  Arashi with rubber bands (the rest of the length)

 My Arashi attempt is just long enough to be worn as a snug little scarf :)

 The smaller swatches were to get a feel for the different techniques and a bit of practice leading up to a scarf...... 

Here's mine : of which I used multiple techniques on
 and me wearing it!

Given how easy it is to get some great patterns & effects, I am looking forward to refining techniques and looking into many more!


  1. It's so gorgeous Sarah! What agreat thing to learn, and it will make for beautiful gifts too X

    1. you read my mind! that & some home decor :)