Blonde...... James Blonde

....well at least at the ends!

Yeeeeeeeiii! I finally managed to get myself to the salon! as mentioned earlier in a post - here
 I always struggle with whether to go dark or blonde or long or short, and then of course change my mind 5mins later!!!

I'm quite particular as well, so I like someone I feel comfortable with- who will both listen to what I want but have the knowledge & honesty to give me good advise!

After some research, and meeting a friend of a friend who had been to Amir Hairdressing Salon, I made myself an appointment (+ will be going back! I would highly recommend Amir's to anyone who is looking for a great colourist/cut)

As I was wanting something that would keep looking good as it grows out, I had been leaning toward the whole balayage thing, and after discussing it with Amir, we went with my natural (winter) colour as the majority, with the blonde contrast at the ends in an almost dip-dyed effect......

come summer I think I might want a higher ratio of blonde but I am absolutely stoked, and looking forward to wearing it out as opposed to my previous bad re-growth mess of a head of hair!

your thoughts??


  1. You look gorgeous! It's such a good style for you and I love it x

  2. Perfect length, Perfect Colour great with your complexion, well worth the wait. Some extra highlights in summer sounds magic. JD

    1. Thanks JD! yes amir did a great job matching my roots x