first day of Spring - almost

Yeeeiiii! Winter is officially over tomorrow- and for today at least, mother nature is playing along!

The sun is shinning and thanks to last months deluge of rain, everything is lush & coupled with some killer waves, every man and board, dog, child, bike or all of the above is out.

it also made our traditional Sunday breakfast from the local bakery eaten at the beach all the more enjoyable to be able to soak up some sorely missed rays, and of course a great excuse to take the camera out.....

even the furniture came out to play.....


  1. Hey, your photos are awesome! I hope you don't mind me asking if you use the 700D? I have myself and I am still trying to perfect it. What lens did you use in these pictures, they are stunning, so full of colour! Thanks :)

    1. Thanks Tori! Yes I use a 7000D. These photos were taken with my 50mm 1.8 lens, its still my favourite, but as its a prime lens- I'm restricted with some shots spatially, so also have a 18-35mm zoom lens which I use for most of my travel photos. generally I like to use the Av mode and play with the settings manually (changing the white balance for different lighting settings can really help with accurate colours)

      Sah xx