Homage to: Issey Miyake

to kick off this series I have chosen a designer I greatly admire and whom I guess I grew up with.

these days there are innumerable designer labels- the most recent NY Fashion week is a testament to this, the sheer number of labels showing collections during the fashion week is immense. How ever prior to the new century, these designer labels were a somewhat more elite group, and many have forged their names not only into the fabric of fashion, but many also lead the way in technological advances and along the way created veritable empires!

Issey Miyake is one such designer.

For me, his avant garde design coupled with his aptitude for new technology has been a match made in heaven, and he will always be one of the best & a true pioneer

A bit of background:

One of the first Japanese fashion designers to gain international acclaim, Miyake (b. 1938, Hiroshima) studied graphics first in Tokyo before Haute Couture in Paris and went on to work for Guy Laroche, Givenchy in Paris &  later in New York for Geoffry Bean.

Issey Miyake then formed Miyake Design Studio, later re-maned as Issey Miyake Inc which is made up of all the Miyake brands - check it out here

Why I love him:

sometimes, I think, we are lucky enough to have the 'right' person born at the 'right' time, the creative mind that is Issey Miyake was the right person, timed with the American occupation in Japan and then the technology boom in textiles & fabrication which kicked off in the 80's, was the right time.

for me the Pleats Please and A-POC (another piece of cloth) collections are what cement Issey Miyake as a master. His research and commitment- it is said he continues to oversee all parts of his company cum empire- is a testament to fashion.

More recently the Bao Bao designs have taken the fashion world by storm, yet another great illustration of fashion & technology as one.

Bao Bao - light, flexible and functional, oh and fun too!

Pleats Please:

Pleats Please celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

Pleats Please was launched on the back of years of research, initially in 1989 as part of Issey Miyake, and then as a stand alone label in 1993.

Pleats Please perfectly fuses Miyake's vision of technology + design + functionality. With permanently press pleated fabric which are light, flexible and easy to care for, the colour & shapes created over the years have been truly stunning...



A Piece Of Cloth or A-POC is the philosophy on which the Pleats Please, Issey Miyake and other collections have since been based on.

The development started in 1997 with Dai Fujiwara taking up the the mantle for design engineer and is a manufacturing concept where a piece of cloth is created by from a single thread in a single process using computer aided technology, which then can be cut to create a garment with no sewing required...

and the rest...

 but of course that is not all.... here are some favourites from more recent Issey Miyake collections

Issey Miyake's design & development teams continue to do honor to the legacy he created, as shown above...


  1. I love that long blue coat! It would fit nicely in my closet and work well with my personal style!


    1. I know right! I have a massive coat addiction myself... despite living in a Country with fairly mild winters!