bathers bliss

well don't ya know it, it's Monday again!

you could say today's inspiration came from a series of fortunate events... looking for 
summer inspired images for an upcoming photo shoot I found a glorious image of a mosaic tiled water fountain in Morrocco.... so then got absorbed searching for mosaic images only to come across some glorious bathroom tile which then lead to this.....

 but in reality, baths have been on my brain since Chris came home the other day with
wee surprise- a Big Blue Bath Bomb from LUSH .... it claims to clear your head and relax you, and I can believe it- just the smell of it still in the 
packet is relaxing!

Now, while we do have a bath, it is really only just adequate... but one day.....

Ok so actually, I find a glass of wine or a book while having a bath is not at all practicle,
but maybe that's an issue with operator!! nonetheless with the dream of a luxuriant bath in my future, 
I shall now go and soak in the bath that I do have!

enjoy the rest of your Monday xx

where I got my images from:
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  1. Gorgeous photos! Great inspiration!


    1. one for your new place perhaps.... xx

  2. Oh my! I'd probably never get out of those tubs.


    1. I know right, I think if I ever have anything like the above, especially if it has a view... it may well become my office!

  3. I've always wanted to experience this sort of open concept bathe on a very luxe vacation :)

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