Creating a 'French Wardrobe' : Success?

As the season has turned and I am once again taking an inventory of my wardrobe:
pulling summer items back out of storage & sorting out 
what needs dry cleaning before being packed away, or those warmer items which are worth keeping out for a little bit longer while the mornings/nights are still cooler, I started thinking over whether my attempt at a 'French Wardrobe' have been successful [or not]

you can check out the earlier posts on this here

but after sorting ruthlessly through my wardrobe I had got it down to a manageable 'core' of basics,
and then created a 'wish list' of the trend pieces I had my eye on - the list was more of a guide and of course something to try & keep me on track.

so while I had a black leather jacket on the list, [which could totally be viewed as a basic!]
 in the end I actually decided to make my own leather jacket (of which I have all the leather & relevant bits & pieces, but am yet to make),

actually almost all items on my 'wish list' weren't purchased for one reason or another like the pair of shoes from Nasty Gal & the Y.A.S sweater dress, both which were sold out by the time I got around to buying them.

however the goal is not necessarily to stick to the list per se, but to restrict your seasonal purchases of trend items to 5-6 pieces (remember this includes shoes!)


was I successful?

well I purchased:

1. a chunky knit snood from DECJUBA (I know this would usually not be counted, but due to the large collection of scarves I already own.... it was a purchase of passion, not practicality! but I did get lots of wear out of it)

2. a pair of leather/suede cut out boots from CARVELA by Kurt Geiger

3.  a tartan wool coat from ASOS 

4. a pair of black leather boots from DUNE

5. a pair of pale gold jeans from IXIAH

so in a word :



however, I must say, I think spring/summer will be harder!

let me check back in a bit later with a new wish list - In the meantime, let me know if you have tried
living with a capsule wardrobe & how it went

Sah x


  1. Awesome items!!


    1. thanks Mel, quite surprised I managed to sticking to 5-6 items, especially because it includes shoes, which are a weakness of mine! xx

  2. You made your own leather jacket? That is awesome! The pieces you pulled for Fall/Winter are on point.

    1. Thanks Nadia. haha the jackets not made quite yet, still in the toile (test garment) stage! I'll be sure to post photos once its finished xx