Homage to: the National Geographic Society

Around since 1888, the National Geographic Society celebrated
125 years last year.

Growing up Dad had a subscription to Nat Geo &
  I remember leafing through magazine after magazine on the floor at home. 
 I grew up being totally mesmerized by both the images & the articles, day dreaming of seeing &/or visiting the incredible visions which were leaping out at me from the pages.

they cover[ed] everything that I was drawn to: foreign countries, cultures, wildlife, conservation, science, history and stunning imagery. and through out university and onwards, I find such a lot of inspiration design wise from the photography as well.

there are many magazines that I love, that are perhaps more specifically aligned to my career but for me nothing will ever beat the National Geographic on any level, and am looking forward to the day I have my own place so I can subscribe (because nothing beats hard copies!!) and start building up my own collection, as well as contributing to the continuation of the publication.

I have also ensured (beg, cry & bribe) that all Dad's remaining copies -some having been donated when they downsized to a smaller house- are left to me when the time comes

there really are so many incredible images in any one issue, let alone 125 issues! but here are some recent images which I love......

p.s. their instagram feed is to die for!

 *all images courtesy of National Geographic


  1. Incredible photos!


    1. I know right? I can just look through them for hours! xx

  2. These photos are amazing! I kind of forgot about Nat Geo! Must get them on Insta! Thanks for the reminder!
    : signe : the daily savant :