IRO fo' sho'

there are very few labels/collections out there that I would ever (want to/actually) wear head to toe, heck half the time I only like a few pieces here & there from a collection or find I love the label one season and then its a miss the next, execpting the odd occasion where a full collection just blows me away... or does so repeatedly

but I do have a few solid favourites which I check up on more than others, and IRO is definately one of them.

for those of you who haven't heard of them its a fashion line out of Paris inspired by the NY street style & designed by a pair of French brothers (Laurent & Arik Bitton)

I love their nonchalant chic aesthetic, their use of fabrics & contrasting textures &
their silhouettes tend towards flattering my straight up & down figure... so hey, maybe I'm a bit biased!

I couldn't pick a favourite from their S/S 14 collection, and their A/W 14
is just as tough, I was browsing (read :dreaming) the collection online,
and realised I actually could walk out the door head to toe in the collection....

if the budget/boyfriend/conscience allowed it, I think this would be the pick....

although honestly, there are 5+ coats I'd love to own (it an addiction.... as previously mentioned here)
and many more items I just love...

check out the latest here, which are your favs?


  1. I absolutely adore your choices....especially pants and shoes!!! Have a nice day! Kisses (and thank you for your visit),

    1. Thanks Eni, haha- I'm dreaming about the shoes! xx

  2. Love these items!