a colourless me

so I know, I have been a bit monochromatic over the past few months,
to the point where Chris asks if I want shots of my outfit and my reply is no thanks [i'm wearing black & white again] .....

but I didn't quite realise to what extent until I popped on to my 'personal style' board on pintrest the other day. 
since starting the board- every.single.outfit. is grey/black/white or some combination thereof...

quelle horreur!  


I love print & colour, and it is usually a big part of my wardrobe- sure I like simple shapes & silhouettes but always with a splash of colour - or some times a whole bucket!! 

I have definitely been whittling down my wardrobe faster than I am replenishing it,
and yes when on a tight budget, that all over multi-colour printed tee for $100 is the first thing to be dismissed...
but I've never been flush with cash (occasionally irresponsible...I have to admit) but I would make up for that by making my own clothes, something else which has fallen by the wayside of late...

so my new goal is to inject some colour back into my wardrobe.... and while I spent some time scouring the internet for inspirational images, most of what I was looking for turned out be images from over a year ago, so I guess I'm not the only one whose lacking colour!

but here's some inspiration for my starting point.....

p.s. how fun is photobooth??!!! I was in stitches while getting a 'horreur' shot


  1. The skirt in the second pic is amazing. WANT! Gonna try to add color to my wardrobe too. I live in blacks and whites haha.


    1. I know its beautiful isn't it!

      My irony is that in the past you would've struggled to find anything black in my wardrobe except a well loved dinner jacket!

      I'll be checking out your blog, to see how you go xx

  2. Fab inspo photos! The colors are so vibrant and fab and so fun to wear

    Made in Mauve