Spring/Summer wislist...

I have a few people asking about my spring/summer wishlist...

My french wardrobe has definately worked to some extent (although I know seem a
to have an infinite number of basics...)

I guess, technically I should be allowed up to 10 items, given that Spring & Summer are two 
seperate seasons, but honestly in summer I tend to spend my weekends in denim cut-offs (current favs are a vintage sass & bide pair), a tee/singlet & my havaianas.... so I actually tend to buy more in the cooler seasons.

also we have 5 weeks in South America in Feb/March so keen to spend my hard earned cash 
during my holiday, and hopefully find some great gems along the way!


here's what I have my eye on:

 a black denim shirt (possible basic? perhaps not the most summery of things either...)

a light sleeveless trench (also a possible basic?? but as we have one in our high summer collection at work, I might just stick with one of those...)

something in broderie l'anglaise, which isn't to 'girly/pretty'
in an ideal world it would be these...

 .....but the budget doesn't stretch that far!! 

 I found this image a while back and it has me craving something sparkly for the summer!

and a new swimsuit.... we will be driving down the coast of Peru after all, plus I do live at the beach...

these gorgeous candy floss pink trainers by Won Hundred...

already sorted are my Prada sunnies:

& my chambray bomber worn here

for those of you heading into spring/summer what do you have your eye on? and those of you heading into the cold depths of winter.... let me know if you are dreaming of anything summery xx


  1. Love the shoes!


    1. shoes are my weakness.... even getting rid of oldies which are no state to even wear to the corner store is hard for me lol

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Hana... lets see what I end up with at the end of the season! ;)

  3. Those Prada sunnies are to die for! I'm super afraid of spending too much money on sunnies as I always seem to lose them! I've been dreaming of that black and white graphic print bikini top since I saw it at the beginning of Spring at Gold Coast... that's definitely at the top of my wish list! Xx


    1. haha yeah, I'm pretty good with my sunnies- at least I tend not to lose things (wouldn't be able justify the money otherwise)... but I do have to make a concious effort to use the case rather than just throw them in my hand bag!