Pre-fall 15 tidbits

While I love summer for the weather & the lifestyle, and am not sure I could ever live far from the beach for long, when it comes to clothes autumn is probably my favourite- we have weather that allows for layering which I love, but not the rain that's usually around in Spring forcing you to be somewhat practical.

the pre-fall collections for 2015 (for those of us in the southern hemisphere- these are actually for the following autumn season as we head into autumn/winter 15-16, not the current northern hemisphere winter, but luckily for us, in many cases these trends get integrated slightly earlier) are being release at the moment and while were are not finished with them yet, I am in some much needed mid-week inspiration, and thought you might be too!
as previously mentioned here I also have a massive love affair with coats/jackets, & for this alone I love seeing the Autumn/Winter collections come through- and you will notice a fair few showing up..... here are some of my favs so far




 you can check out the full collections and follow the remaining yet to come at


  1. Beautiful clothes!