searching for something more...

Black Friday? Cyber Monday?

no thanks, I'm waiting for my holidays to spend my hard earned pennies!

Mondays are always pretty slow to begin with,waiting for the shipment to arrive , and our office in China to open [insert- trawling Internet for inspiring images- here].... then of course it gets crazy hectic, and why so often my Monday inspiration is posted on a Tuesday!

and this week is no different, but instead of spending my time trying to grab a bargain
 rather than looking for inspiration [as I had imagined I would be doing], what with Cyber Monday et al, I keep finding myself drawn to all the things I am hoping to discover when we head to South America next feb.

I am particularly looking forward to doing some shopping in Peru. Given that I don't see much shopping happening in Patagonia and we have limited time in Buenos Aires, of which we are planning on spending catching up with friends. Plus Peru has all the things I love, handicrafts, textiles and hand crafted metal smith-ing

 so I may well return like this..... minus the super model cheek bones that is

I always love coming back with beautiful items from my travel, the exoticness they have is always so alluring and they stay with me for years, much longer than most bargains I find online (although I have found some great ones which are life long additions to my wardrobe).

I have a ring (silver, black pnyx & pyrite) I picked up in Laos 7 odd years ago which I wear on a daily basis which I think ranks as my top find thus far....

how about you? what's your best travel find?


  1. Sounds like you've got a trip of a lifetime awaiting you! I'd love to go to South America -- you'll definitely have to blog about it!! That's what I miss most about Sydney markets (the Glebe one in particular); finding gorgeous handmade jewellery, although it's sounding like Peru's going to be a million times better! Can't wait to see all the amazing photos from your trip (just a little jealous) xx

    Shaqinah // Shoes & Roses

    1. I certainly will be- can't wait! still umming & ahhing about if I will take my laptop and post along the way- or just enjoy it all and post once I'm back home (secretly I just want to take less stuff with me so there is more room for shopping.... -_-)