Style Crush: Sophia Webster Shoes

like many girls, I am an absolute sucker for shoes. Especially anything a bit different, but with lashings of personality.

I actually feel I am pretty restrained (....or perhaps more accurate would be that Chris is very good at guilt tripping me into not buying as many shoes as I would ideally like).

 and I am currently crushing on the majority of everything Sophia Webster has ever done!

Ok so the butterfly shoes she does aren't really my thing (way to girly for yours truly, though I do admire both the idea & workmanship!) but if I had the cash (& no stern disapproving looks from Chris) then I could quite happily clean up a good dozen pairs... including the J.Crew collab....

what do you think- to die for? or way TOO MUCH for you?


  1. Incredible shoes! So fabulous!