summer sundays

the recent heat + humidity has left me super lazy outfit wise- I can't bear the thought of heels + the swollen feet that accompany them in this weather, and basically just want to wear as little as possible. 
Obviously the office posses a bit of problem here!! so I have two or three dresses that have been on heavy rotation during the week, light jersey knits that are easy, super comfortable and breath without all the creasing issues of Viscose + cotton fabrics!

But when we headed out yesterday to meet up with some friends, the heat still in full force, (although the humidity had dropped off a bit thank goodness) I was resolute to make a bit more of an effort....

...after all Sunday Summer Sessions are quite the affair here in Manly...

I know a good half of you are sitting there, crying into your tea over the cold thinking its not fair I'm complaining about the heat.... let me know where you are and I'll see if I can speak to the weather gods, to send some of our heat your way- sharing is caring after all

Sah xx


  1. Gorgeous shoes!


    1. thanks! they're an old pair of Nine West heels, that don't get worn nearly as much as they should do!!