the countdown is on!

so earlier in the week while (not so much) enjoying a sticky summer day, .... a knitted hat I had ordered arrived! 

at the time I looked at it in disgust- I couldn't think of anything worse than putting it on in 30 odd degrees (remember that's centigrade for you Americans) at 80% humidity. So it was tossed to the side totally unappreciated until later that evening once the humidity had dropped & the significance of my lovely new woollen had sunk in :

in about a months time I would be on a long awaited and much needed holiday!!
and i mean real holiday - not working from home, not on my phone to China all hours, actually 100% un-contactable as far as work is concerned. Yeeiiiiii!!!!!!!!



the temporarily offensive hat (Warehouse) & a new pair of Jeepers Peepers sunnies - both found on ASOS

I have a full 5 weeks off and Chris & I will be heading to South America - passing through Santiago to spend Valentines Day & say Hi to some friends of Chris', then on to Buenos Aires where we will shoot down to Patagonia (insert woolly hat here) before returning to BA to catch up with some old work friends of mine from Colombia now living there (yes Nat & Diego I'm looking at you). We then will head to Peru (Chris' homeland) and traipse down the coast in 4WD from Lima to his family beach house, before heading to check out Cusco/Machu Picchu, the Amazon and so on.

absolutely. can't. wait.

p.s. will be sure to update you as the packing starts...


  1. Sounds like it will be an amazing trip!


    1. lets hope so!! still trying to decide if I will take my computer so I can blog while I'm travelling- or if I just do it via phone/instagram as a photo diary and then do full posts when I get back xx