How To : Print Clash

with trends sticking around longer again (mainly thanks to a sluggish economy)
at least in an overall sense [ if I see one more trend piece on how 'stripes are this seasons trend I think I will cry/laugh/scream - don't get me wrong I love a good stripe as much as the next girl, but they're are as much of a staple as black these days] things gets a bit same same, so its the details that make the difference and there is some great stuff out there. oops ranting.

but even then, sometimes you just need something which makes a bit more of a 

enter >> Print Clashing

now this is another trend which keeps rearing it head, and I do love it.... but I also get that it can be a bit overwhelming … where does one start? I hear you say

well, little by little is probably the best way, building up to full head to toe pattern clash…

so with baby steps in mind, try a printed top with a striped bottom like below- pretty safe and not technically print clash... but this is a good place to start with out freaking out

likewise stripes with stripes in similar colours, but differing stripe styles - that way, you get a good feel for all over pattern but its still on the safe side:

 another option at this level is a print with a jacquard - a simple textured one like the shorts below....


or a more pattern obvious one like this sweater...

as you can see keeping colours similar also down plays the clash a bit... or keeping things monochrome .....

and then when your feeling brave (or numb) you can really play around with things - there really are no rules, and if you're confident, most people just assume you know excatly what your doing and dig it!


and if you have made it to this point then Yay! lets celebrate with a dance...

sah xx


  1. Love all of these looks. The more I see print mixing, the more excited I am to try it, and I don't wear prints at all. BTW your legs are killer!