ice, ice, baby : Patagonia, Argentina

I really am trying super hard to get these travel posts up - honest!

cutting down the photos is just so damn hard!! as you will see... plus we have been battling this crazy storm here so my commute time the last couple of days has gone through the roof.

After our pit stop in Santiago, we headed down to Patagonia (on the Argentinian side) for 5 days- which is not nearly enough - seriously though could have spent a month here with out blinking an eye, and have big plans to come back (and also check out the Chilean side of things).

the air (and water) is so clean and fresh. My skin was the clearest I think it has even been by the time we left & the landscape is divine- even just driving from the airport to El Chalten (approx. 3hrs)

We managed to fit in a few hikes around El Chalten....

even getting up before dawn to check out the mountains 'on fire', but the weather didn't quite play ball, although got some beautiful - if more subtle- shots

then we headed down to El Clafate and checked out Perito Moreno Glacier

heres a stop motion video I create with some shots of some of the glacier breaking off... the sound was quite incredible ...

before checking out the local flora & fauna around the lake in El Calafate

 Sah xx


  1. Never been to this part of Argentina but it looks unbelievable, have heard amazing stories from people who have been.

    1. It was incredible- can't wait to go back!! xx