World Premiere : Standfor | Smoke Less

so this is exciting!

I have exclusive pre-sale access for you to celebrate the world premier of a brand spanking new brand & their debut collection. 

as I'm sure you are aware, I have a thing for shoes, I also love print & pattern (especially on shoes). nothing beats a stunning pair of shoes, and plus gaining/losing weight isn't going to affect whether your shoes fit you, and swollen feet can be remedied.... right?

But fashion isn't all superficial while forsaking all else (ok, so often it is...but not always)

and when brands come along who not only push design boundaries but do it with purpose & ethics....
they are definitely going to get love from me.

one such brand is Standfor, now you have quite possible never heard of these guys, as they have been working behind the scenes, keeping everything under wraps.

.....until now.....

welcome to the world premier for their debut collection (though initiative might be a better word as the product is not the be all & end all for these guys). The collection named SMOKE LESS addresses - yup you guessed it - smoking less...

but it goes further than just a statement, sure this theme affects the design (you can find out more about each style/design here), but they are also dedicated to sustainable practices and ultimately a sustainable world...

Click on the image below to head over to their website to find out more...

as always, would love to know your thoughts,

sah xx


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