A spritz of colour

it's the 1st of September and you know what that means....

- winter is over -

spring has sprung!

(well at least for those of us in the southern hemisphere)

so now I really have no excuse not inject some colour back into my routine  but I'm going to start small- like with lipsticks, 
these are my current favs which I've added to my collection over the past few months or so.... I've worn them a bit through the winter, but definitely looking forward to  donning them more often!

As you can see I pretty much have my bases covered, whether I feel like something bright and perky or something a bit more vampy!

 REVLON Plum Velour | MAC Morange | YSL Rougue Pur 19 | MAYBELLINE Sultry Sand

go on.... take a leaf out of my book and up your colour game!


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