Fade Out

I came across FADE OUT a while ago, and always make great use of 'book marks' to keep tabs on designers and the like...

especially up-and-coming labels or people that are doing things a bit differently (and sustainability is a bonus).

any way that's what Fade Out is all about, so I thought I'd show you their work

 you may (or may not) be aware of how damaging the denim industry is to the planet- for numerous reason, but the main being the huge amounts of water used both in the production of the cotton and the dyeing process- the irony being that the likes of LA & Japan for example who are renowned for their denim, both have water issues even before taking into account denim production.... but we all love our jeans and it seems unlikely to give them up...

Fade Out re-purpose denim resulting in customized peices, and I have my eye on one of their denim jackets, based in Berlin, the labels designers Nicola Gomiero and Andrea Bonfini make everything to order, saving denim from landfill and minimizing their own impact in the process

Sah xx


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