Homage to: Yohji Yamamoto

Another master hailing from Japan,
Yohji Yamamoto originally studied Law, before turning to fashion and studying at the now famed Bunka Fashion College, also known for producing  the likes of Kenzo Takada, Junya Watanabe & Tsumori Chisato amongst others. Although given his mother worked as a self-employed seamstress, perhaps its not such change of direction after all- more of a return to the known, but not for long, he soon became known for turning the fashion world on its head.

In much of his work he uses his master tailoring to create what he simply put in the beginning as wanting women to wear men's clothing because

‘In those days, Japanese women wore, as a matter of course, imported feminine clothing, and I simply detested that fact.’ 

I think one of the things I love about the Japanese [designers] is their disregard of trends, and dogged focus on quality, concepts & form

Along with Issey Miyake & Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamaoto is held in high regard as an influential avant-garde designer

'I never followed the rules of fashion. I always found short cuts, and paths that I created especially for myself. I wanted to oppose the system of trends and propose something new. When everyone says that something is beautiful, I don't like it.' **
ok so some of it can get a bit too avant-garde for the everyday, but you cannot deny the genius (sometimes a seemingly mad genius, but a genius all the same)

I was lucky enough to find this gem on travels through Japan a few years ago, and it is a treasured piece

** this quote is from an interview with i-D magazine you can read the rest of it here


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