Salty Air, Sunshine & Sealife in Abundance

salt, sea and sun with coloured fishing boats, craggy rocks and wild bet I was happy! 

Heading out from Paracas on Peru's West Coast to view Las Islas Bellezas (the Beautiful Isles) was another highlight,
 what started as a broody overcast early morning start, turned into a glorious sunny day, and we were not let down in the slightest

We saw everything we'd hope to, even having a pod of dolphins join us on our way back to the port- thought trying to get photos with out obstruction was trying.
I swear the Sea Lions were models in a previous life - basking in the sun just so, posing this way and that! and the sheer number of birds is incredible, surprising no one got shat one- what are the odds??!!

this was also our first experience of a geoglyph (think Nazca Lines) though who, how and why are all just conjecture it is still an impressive site, and a conspiracy theorist dream - I mean how does the dark sand stay on top and not fill in the design???!!!

I also loved watching the local fishermen at work in their brightly painted boats

**also another image overload warning... sorry I'm a National Geographic enthusiast (so at times like these may fancy my self 'on assignment' - in my own world ha!)





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